Top Network of Advanced Implant Dentists Now Fastest Growing in the United States

The Teeth Tomorrow Network is proud to announce that it is now the fastest growing network of Advanced Implant Dentists in the U.S., bringing a life-changing procedure to patients suffering from major dental issues across the country.

To date, Teeth Tomorrow® practices also include: Integrated Dentistry in northern Arkansas; Legacy Smiles in southern Arizona; Sonoma Smiles in Rohnert Park, CA; Carlsbad Dental Care near San Diego, CA; Mohammed Ali, DDS in San Francisco, CA; The Fort Collins Dentist in northern Colorado; Alafaya Cosmetic Dentistry near Orlando, FL, Trinity Dental Arts near Tampa, FL, Brar Dentistry northwest of Chicago, IL; Smile Glen Ellyn west of Chicago, IL; Thayer Dental Care in the Ozarks of Missouri; John Highsmith, DDS near Asheville, NC; Avason Family Dentistry near Charlotte, NC; Integrated Dental Aesthetics in northern New Jersey; Eastside Dental Medicine in Manhattan, NY; Astoria Dental Group in Queens, NY; Staten Island Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry; Putnam Dental Associates in Brewster, NY; Sachem Dental Group with 6 locations across eastern Long Island; LifeSmiles by Randy Mitchmore, DDS in Houston, TX, and: Davis Dental in Bountiful, UT.

These member practices are the foundation of a national dental network (limited to 250 members) that provide proven surgical and prosthetic solutions with the Prettau® Zirconia Bridge. Teeth Tomorrow is a Preferred Provider Network dedicated to full-arch zirconia as the final product. Network membership is only granted to carefully selected practices committed to providing premium-quality dental reconstruction services.

The Teeth Tomorrow® network supports its members with state-of-the-art laboratory expertise from Tischler dental Laboratory that produces the most patient-unique and durable dental restoration products available anywhere in the world. By joining this nation-wide network, practices receive comprehensive surgical & clinical protocols, national branding and advertising, geographic exclusivity, and sales, marketing, and administrative support.

Teeth Tomorrow® dental prosthetics are constructed using 3D dental imaging, customized for each patient’s unique smile. Each Prettau Zirconia Bridge™ is a one-piece, non-porous, chip and stain resistant device, hand painted to create an individualized, natural look, with a 100% success rate based on a current 5-year study.

The growth in the full-arch restoration market is driven by an aging population as well as replacement of single implants, removable bridges and traditional dentures with a permanent, premium solution. Teeth Tomorrow® Network members are certified and authorized to provide arch placements within protected territories defined by each practice’s geographic market. A member practice increased their full arch bridge placements from 18 to over 62, achieving a 300% increase in gross sales from 2013 to 2015.

About Teeth Tomorrow®:
The Teeth Tomorrow Network consists of advanced implant dentists delivering a proven full-arch Prettau® zirconia solution to their patients. The network doctors utilize the established Teeth Tomorrow clinical, laboratory and marketing protocols, working together to share knowledge and further the success of the Teeth Tomorrow brand, setting the gold standard for top recognized dentists for full arch restoration. The network enables members to expand their premium prosthetic and restoration practice through superior quality devices, inclusive doctor/staff training, an exclusive market within a designated territory, and customized national marketing and advertising support.

Network membership is only available to carefully selected Advanced Implant Dentists. Dental Implant Dentists interested in learning more about joining the Teeth Tomorrow® Network can view available territories, and send inquiries to or call the Network Support Team at 845-679-1280.