Top Dental Implant Paradigm Brings Life-Changing Results to Teeth Tomorrow® Manhattan Patient

Eastside Dental Medicine found immediate value for patients in the Teeth Tomorrow® process delivering full arch Prettau® Zirconia Dental Implant bridges. The superior lab-processed provisional, and final Prettau® Zirconia prosthesis represent the end of debilitating dental problems for a New York City woman.

“Our patient is 51 years old with a history of epilepsy,” states Dr. Robert Castracane – Owner of Eastside Dental. “Her generalized advanced periodontal disease and gross dental caries had rendered multiple posterior teeth non-restorable. These teeth were so badly broken down and infected, that they produced multiple intraoral abscesses.”

This woman, who had been referred by another patient in Dr. Castracane’s practice, was clearly looking for relief. She was wearing a partial denture to replace several front teeth in her upper jaw. Here remaining teeth were highly unstable (mobile), unsightly (to say the least), and in such disrepair that it was obvious that the simple act of eating was a major challenge.

“Finances were a huge consideration,” Dr. Castracane recalls, “but when presented with the Teeth Tomorrow® option, compared to the costs in time, money, and quality of life, the patient actually worked out an advance from her employer to pay for this permanent solution.”

In November of 2016, the patient’s remaining maxillary teeth were extracted and six implants were placed in her upper jaw. She was sedated throughout the entire procedure, and tolerated it very well. In accordance with the Teeth Tomorrow® protocol, a lab-processed provisional was delivered the following day. The patient is healing uneventfully, and is expected to receive her permanent, screw-retained, full arch Prettau® bridge in June of 2017.

Teeth Tomorrow® dental prosthetics are constructed using 3D dental imaging, customized for each patient’s unique smile. Each Lab-Processed provisional provides patients with a level of comfort and durability not available from chair-side devices. The final Prettau Zirconia Bridge™ is a one-piece, non-porous, chip and stain resistant device, hand painted to create an individualized, natural look.

“This patient has seen significant health improvements since the disease was removed from her upper jaw,” says Dr. Castracane. “She feels so much better, looks terrific, and can finally eat – pain free. The experience has made such a difference in her day-to-day life, that she is now planning to replace her lower teeth with a full mandibular Prettau® arch.”

Teeth Tomorrow is a Preferred Provider Network dedicated to full arch zirconia as the final product. Network membership is only granted to carefully selected practices committed to providing advanced dental implant reconstruction services, and is limited to 250 exclusive market territories.

About Eastside Dental Medicine Group:

Eastside Dental Medicine operates its center for advanced cosmetic and implant dentistry from its practice at 595 Madison Avenue, New York, NY. They joined the Teeth Tomorrow® Network in 2016 as the preferred provider in the Manhattan market territory.

About Teeth Tomorrow:

The Teeth Tomorrow Network consists of advanced implant dentists delivering a proven full arch Prettau zirconia solution to their patients. The network doctors utilize the established Teeth Tomorrow clinical, laboratory and marketing protocols, working together to share knowledge and further the success of the Teeth Tomorrow brand, setting the gold standard for top recognized dentists for full arch restoration. The network enables members to expand their advanced prosthetic and restoration practice through success-proven delivery protocols, inclusive doctor/staff training, an exclusive market within a designated territory, and customized national marketing and advertising support.

Network membership is only available to carefully selected Advanced Implant Dentists. Dental Implant Dentists interested in learning more about joining the Teeth Tomorrow Network while prime territories remain available should visit , send inquiries to or call the Network Support Team at 845-679-1280.