Get More Information About Teeth Tomorrow

Get More Information About Teeth Tomorrow

Why Did Dr. Robert Castracane Join the Teeth Tomorrow® Network?

Dr. Robert Castracane and his wife & partner Dr. Jyoti Srivastava have built their practice together as a team.  She’s a Prosthodontist, and he is an Advanced Implant Dentist.


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 “We’re always looking for ways to grow at EastSide Dental Medicine”, says Dr. Castracane. “We’re continuously updating our skills and bringing the best possible solutions to our patients.  When we offer a new procedure, it must be the best.  We cannot afford to attach our reputation to anything that is not ‘world-class’.”

“The challenge is how to get the best return on our investment”, he continues. “We know we provide exceptional service – our patients tell us so.  The big question regarding growth is: How can we maximize the use of our time to achieve the best return?”

The short answer to that question is to increase the amount of big-ticket procedures that can be successfully delivered by the team.  Over the years, Dr. Castracane had been approached by lots of sales reps and consultants who claimed that their product or service was the answer.   None of them delivered to expectations.

Dr. Castracane learned that just offering a great product that produces great results doesn’t drive new patients to your door.  There are thousands of dentists in the NY metro area.  It’s not just a matter of having prospective patients find you – it’s getting your ideal patient to not only find you, but to actually make contact.

Dr. Castracane was searching for a model – a proven procedure that produces life-changing results for patients suffering from major dental problems.  As a leading Advanced Implant Dentist (one of only 462 Diplomates of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry in the USA) he was keenly aware of the advances being made in full-arch implant bridges.  These procedures delivered revenue to the practice, but the final prosthesis (an acrylic bridge with denture teeth) had a high rate of failure after 6 months (chipping, breaking & cracking) as well as attracting plaque, staining easily, attracting odors, and being difficult to clean. Clearly not ‘world-class’.

Until 2012, Dr. Michael Tischler was experiencing the same issues with his full-arch cases.  Patient’s loved not having to remove their bridges, and were more than willing to pay a premium for that benefit.  The problem was the final prosthesis – it just wasn’t permanent.  “My goal was to put an end to my patients’ ongoing dental issues”, recalls Dr. Tischler. “Having to repair and replace failed bridges negatively affected the profitability of my practice, draining time and resources that could be applied to new cases. Most importantly, it damaged the patient’s experience and put my reputation in peril.  I couldn’t continue that way.”  That’s when he discovered Prettau® Zirconia and developed the Teeth Tomorrow® protocol.  His practice would commit to delivering only full-arch Prettau® bridges as the final, permanent solution.Prettau Zirconia teeth tomorrow

Between September 2012 and December 2016 Dr. Tischler delivered a total of 219 Prettau® Zirconia upper and lower full-arch bridges to 153 patients.  None of these bridges failed, chipped or cracked.  Not only that, the success rate for the 1229 Biohorizons® dental implants that support these bridges is 98%.  The Prettau® bridges didn’t attract plaque, stains or odors either.  This was the permanent solution he was looking for.

Dr. Tischler realized, however, this was only part of his success.  To bring this live-changing, permanent solution to his patients’ major dental issues, he had created a robust set of standard protocols that maximized the efficiency of finding ideal prospective patients, qualifying them as candidates for the procedure and delivering a lab-processed provisional arch the day after implants were placed (as opposed to the same day).  This two-day procedure meant less chair time for both patient and dentist, a chance for the patient to heal overnight, and a much more refined provisional arch delivered with much less stress and far better results.  He branded his procedure Teeth Tomorrow®.

By the beginning of 2016, Dr. Tischler recognized that he had a template for success that could be replicated in practices across the country.  His distinct brand, Teeth Tomorrow®, focused solely on delivering Prettau® Zirconia full-arch bridges as a best-in-class product and procedure.  Prospective patients could easily remember the name of the brand and it was perfectly positioned to compete against Clear Choice and other full arch services that provide a far less permanent solution.

He then engaged the services of top marketing professionals to define 250 specific, protected geographic territories whose demographic profile included a population of prospective ideal Teeth Tomorrow® patients with the ability to support and sustain a growing practice.  This became the basis for the Teeth Tomorrow® Network of Advanced Implant Dentists.

Dr. Castracane followed Dr. Tischler’s successes, specifically how Teeth Tomorrow® changed people’s lives for the better, and determined that this was precisely the type of world-class procedure he needed to bring to his patients. So, when offered the exclusive franchise for the Teeth Tomorrow® Manhattan territory, he was quick to seize the opportunity.

Here are the 5 key points he cites for making that investment: 

  1. “I was associating myself with an exclusive ‘Fraternity of Excellence’ that distinguishes my practice” – the opportunity is only available to Advanced Implant Dentists with supporting credentials and certifications.  Each Dentist can consult with peers and access information and best practices through the network.
  2. “The product, process, and protocol had been thoroughly tested and produced exceptional, measurable results” – Since launching the Teeth Tomorrow® brand, Dr. Tischler has been delivering over 50 arches per year in his Hudson Valley location.
  3. “The hard work of branding, promotion, and engaging/qualifying prospective patients had already been done, documented, and proven effective”– Teeth Tomorrow® Network Member Practices receive everything needed to hit the ground running, including comprehensive training, personalized administrative and clinical support, professionally produced advertising materials customized to each practice, an optimized website that makes it easy for patients find information and make contact, and continuing marketing support from the Teeth Tomorrow® Media Group that removes the burden of running advertising, social media, and on-line marketing campaigns.
  4. Prettau® Zirconia is the definitive solution for missing and failing teeth” – the results speak for themselves, the world-class Tischler Dental Lab produces both the provisional and final prostheses in its state-of-the-art facility, providing network member practices with significant discounts the bridges, implants and supplies.
  5. “My territory is exclusive, promoted and protected” – the Teeth Tomorrow® brand is easy for patients to remember.  It truly says what it is.  No other practice can promote or provide Teeth Tomorrow® within a member practice’s territory.  Each territory includes enough ideal prospective patients to support and sustain growth.

“When it came right down to it”, Dr. Castracane remembers, “I could spend tens of thousands of dollars on consultants, producing commercials (and hoping they might work), buying advertising time, maintaining a website, posting to social media, and frankly doing all the things that take time away from serving patients.  Or, I could associate myself with a network that not only takes care of everything outside my expertise, but enables me to maintain the quality and standards that define my practice, and grow revenue through a proven, turn-key business model.  My job is to provide the highest quality care for my patients. Implant Dentistry is my expertise.  The Teeth Tomorrow® Network enables me to focus on that.  Their expert team handles everything else.”


Teeth Tomorrow® Dental Practices

Our network of Advanced Implant Dentists brings Teeth Tomorrow® and the proven Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge to patients across the country. Find a local implant expert who has the experience to provide options and help you choose the best treatment for your needs.

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